Things You Might Have Missed at Epcot Part 2

Things You Might Have Missed at Epcot

Part 2

With both Future World and the World Showcase, it’s easy to see why many guests consider Epcot to be Two parks in One.  With over 1.2 miles to cover around the World Showcase alone, it’s easy to miss some of the hidden gems in the park, especially if they’re a little further from the path.  If you’re looking to get the full experience, make sure you add these overlooked items at Epcot to your must-do list.

Taiko Drums – Japan World Showcase

Similar to the Voices of Liberty, the Taiko drums are played in the Japan Pavilion throughout the day.  Matsuriza is the performing troupe and their thunderous rhythms carry through the pavilion and out into the World Showcase. Always exciting and energetic, making time to stop and watch is rewarded with these incredible performers sharing their time-honored tradition with you.

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Spaceship Earth E-mail – Future World

The 15-minute ride through Spaceship Earth gives you an opportunity to see what the future would look like, based on your input and preferences. After making your selections, your face is superimposed into a video showcasing the technology of the future. What many guests miss is the fact that when you exit the ride, you can explore Project Tomorrow, where you can find your video and e-mail a copy of it to yourself to remember.  It’s a fun memento!


Karamel Kuche – Germany World Showcase

In the Germany Pavilion, Karamel Kuche is a bakery full of caramel treats that are incredibly delicious. From the basics like caramel popcorn, to the decadent Salted Caramel Fudge Brownie and the Caramel Cheesecake with Chocolate, you can’t go wrong with anything you choose here, though you’ll likely find yourself trying more than just one item.  Simply amazing baked goods!


Monsieur Paul – France World Showcase

As a hidden gem in the France Pavilion, Monsieur Paul is a fine-dining restaurant located above Les Chefs de France. For a quiet escape to enjoy an elegant meal, Monsieur Paul provides some of the very best in French cuisine and certainly some of the best restaurant atmosphere in the park.  Be sure to make reservations!


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