Epcot International Food & Wine Festival —Celebrity Chefs – Part 1

Epcot International Food & Wine Festival —Celebrity Chefs – Part 1

Join a “who’s who” of kitchen geniuses as celebrity chefs steal the show with their creative ideas for whipping up food at the 2018 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival!

Chef Michael Deardorff and Chef Wade Camerer

Parade of Epicurean Superstars

Roll out the red carpet when gourmet VIPs gather for a celebration of global cuisine!

Festival-goers are in for a really sweet treat as the world’s leading culinary experts gather at Epcot. From creating signature dishes at our many restaurants to sharing their top-notch tips and tricks during live demonstrations, these legends are sure to deliver a feast for the senses you won’t soon forget!

Please note that events for each chef varies, so be sure to check out the Festival calendar in the park for more details. In addition, all appearances are subject to cancelation or change without notice.

Pam Smith and Buddy Valastro in the kitchen at Epcot

Meet the Chefs

Catch your favorite mealtime maestros in action and send your taste buds soaring!

Pack your appetites for mouthwatering Festival events featuring celebrity chefs from television, entertainment and restaurants around the world—including Walt Disney World Resort:

World-Renowned Chefs & Personalities

  • Adam Mali
  • Alex Guarnaschelli*
  • Alex Seidel
  • Allen Susser
  • Andrea Robinson
  • Andrew Yeo
  • Art Smith*
  • Bob Waggoner
  • Brian & Shanna O’Hea
  • Brian Collaro – New!
  • Bronwen Weber
  • Buddy Valastro*
  • Camilo Velasco
  • Carla Hall*
  • Cathal Armstrong
  • Celina Tio
  • Chris Prosperi
  • Courtney Orwig
  • Dan Pashman – New!
  • Dana Herbert
  • Daniel Joly
  • David Guas
  • Dominique Macquet
  • Emily Ellyn
  • Fabrizio Schenardi
  • Fritz Sonnenschmidt
  • Geoffrey Zakarian*
  • Habteab Hamde
  • Huda Mu’min
  • Jamey Fader
  • Jamie Deen*
  • Jennifer Bushman
  • Jennifer Denlinger
  • Jennifer Hill Booker
  • Jeremy Ford
  • Jet Tila
  • Joe Murphy
  • John Rivers – New!
  • Jose Camey
  • Juliana Evans – New!
  • Justin Timineri
  • Justin Wangler – New!
  • Keegan Gerhard
  • Ken Vedrinski
  • Kim Yelvington
  • Lee Lucier
  • Maneet Chauhan
  • Masaharu Morimoto*
  • Matt Lewis
  • Matt Gennuso
  • Max McCalman
  • Mike Kravanis – New!
  • Mike Ward – New!
  • Pam Smith
  • Pascal Oudin
  • Rabii Saber
  • Richard Blais* – New!
  • Richard Capizzi
  • Robert Irvine
  • Rock Harper
  • Sally James
  • Sarah Fioroni
  • Scott Paul
  • Shaun O’Neale
  • Sheldon Simeon – New!
  • Steven Richard
  • Terry Letson
  • Tiffani Thiessen* – New!
  • Tony Mantuano

I’m proud to say one of my friends, Mike Kravanis was a guest chef for the first time this year.  Mike demonstrated bento making of Stitch for the Mix It, Make It, Celebrate It series!  It was a hit!  Hope to see you next year, Mike!


(Some information from DisneyWorld.com)





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