Money Saving Tips For A Disney World Vacation – Part 3

Money Saving Tips For A Disney World Vacation – Part 3


Castle Money

Look for Toppings Bars

Eating in Disney can get pricey fast. You can get more bang for your buck by eating at locations with toppings bars. Order a burger and pile it high with whatever is on that toppings bar. You can probably make your meal big enough to share, and even if not, at least it’ll keep you full for a while longer.  From personal experience, I have done this & it has helped us share a meal!

Split Meals

Speaking of sharing meals, meal splitting is actually a great way to save money in Disney. Many places have huge portion sizes that can easily be split between two people. If you are too hungry to share one meal between two people, consider splitting two meals between three people. Another great option is to order a pizza from the hotel food court to share, or get a family fried chicken meal to-go from Fort Wilderness.  Again, my husband and I have found that the portions are large enough to split and if we’re still hungry, we just share a desert!

DCL pizza

Use Magical Express

If you’re flying in and staying onsite, be sure to use Magical Express. This free shuttle bus will take you from the airport to your hotel at no extra charge. This is great not only because it is free transportation, but also because it means you won’t have to pay for parking.  Another perk is that  your luggage is delivered directly to your resort room.  You do not have to wait for your luggage!!  Time saver!

Magical Express

Schedule Rest Days

Our last tip is to schedule in rest days. Park tickets are expensive, and honestly, there is plenty to do on Disney property without ever stepping foot in the parks. Therefore, you can save quite a bit of money by cutting one day off your tickets and enjoying a relaxing day by the hotel pool or exploring the many amazing Disney World resort hotels.  Also, it gives you a chance to explore Disney Springs!

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