Hollywood Studio’s Toy Story Land –  Slinky Dog Dash – Part 2

Hollywood Studio’s Toy Story Land –

Slinky Dog Dash – Part 2


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Check Out the Queue Design

If you need to conserve battery power, don’t play Andy’s Boardgame Blast the entire time.  Guests can always just enjoy the theming within the queue. Now, Slinky Dog Dash can’t really be classified as an interactive queue, such as the likes of Seven Dwarves Mine Train or Winnie the Pooh. But there is a lot to see and enjoy. Turns out Andy is the “designer” behind Slinky Dog Dash, so it was fun to see “his” creative plans as we wound our way through the cattle crossings.

It’s A Two Person Ride

Only two people can sit in each row. In any other ride besides Barnstormer, you’re usually allowed to ride one adult with two small children. But in Slinky Dog Dash, each seat has its own adjustable lap bar rather than one that stretches the length of the row. Therefore, you must ride only two to a row. This may not be a problem for some parties, but you may have to get creative. If your group has only one adult and several children, don’t fear. You can always team up with another group that has an extra adult and have a cast member sit all of you together. Problem solved!

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When you finally get through the queue and approach the coaster, you’ll see the vehicle looks just like the iconic Slinky Dog character in “Toy Story.” It seats 18 people at a time — consisting of nine rows of two.

It may not look as intimidating as other steel coasters in the Orlando area, but Slinky Dog Dash definitely has some oomph.

Right out of the gates, riders speedily accelerate up to the coaster’s highest point. It’s a bold and exciting way to start the coaster.

Midway through the coaster, the Slinky Dog stops and revs up again, blasting you uphill to a fabulous view of the construction for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge park opening in the late fall of 2019. So if any Star Wars fans are looking for a sneak-peak, definitely make sure to ride Slinky Dog.

The rest of the track weaves, drops, and glides — similar to the movements of an actual slinky toy.  The coaster is smooth and has a playful track. There are many coasters that give you whiplash, so it really is great that this one does not.

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The concensus is that Slinky Dog Dash is a ton of fun. Exclamations of “That was awesome!” and “TOTALLY worth the wait!” and “Oh my gosh that was so fun!” formed a chorus that has been heard from riders. It’s fast, and the ride is super smooth. It makes you laugh and scream all at the same time. It’s got unexpected elements and pauses to build anticipation. It’s just so good. Three cheers for Slinky Dog Dash!

The big finish of Slinky Dog Dash involves a rendition of the classic “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” by none other than a giant animatronic of everyone’s favorite singing penguin, Wheezy. He’s the perfect way to end a rather flawless coaster.  The ride lasts about two minutes.

Have you gotten a chance to ride Slinky Dog Dash in Hollywood Studios yet? What did you think?

(Some information from HowtoDisney.com)



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