Walt Disney World Characters You Can Meet and Greet at Epcot – Part 2

Walt Disney World Characters You Can Meet and Greet at Epcot – Part 2

If you are a fan of character meet and greets during your Walt Disney World vacations, Epcot is a must do for you!  World Showcase provides an awesome backdrop for classic Disney characters to meet guests in their native countries. Future World has some pretty awesome character meet opportunities as well.  Using the character finder portion of the MyDisneyExperience App simplifies the character search process.  Use it for quick glances at which characters you plan to meet during your day in the parks.  In this article we are highlighting several characters (or groups of characters) you can meet and greet at Epcot.

Mickey & Minnie – Future World’s Epcot Character Stop

A trip to Walt Disney World is incomplete without the chance to see Mickey and Minnie right?  Lucky for you, swinging by Epcot’s Character Stop is an easy way to meet Mickey and Minnie at the same time.  Grab a fast pass or wait in the standby line and enjoy the awesome air conditioning while waiting for your turn to meet the star of Walt Disney World and his adorable girlfriend, Minnie Mouse.

Mickey Mouse Epcot

Baymax – Future World Hiro’s Workshop

Meet this precious squishy hero, give him a hug and snap a photo.  Who doesn’t love Baymax? One of the great things about Epcot character meets is that they feature classic Disney characters from early films and also newer characters like Pixar film characters.


Donald and Pluto – Around World Showcase

You can’t forget these classic Disney characters when searching for meet and greet opportunities. Although Donald and Pluto do not meet guests as a pair, their meeting spots are relatively close to each other.  Donald Duck meets guests outside the Mexican temple adorned in his adorable sombrero and Mexican poncho.  Pluto greets guests at the Friendship Ambassador Gazebo at the entrance to World Showcase on the Mexico side.

Donald Duck

Other Awesome Princesses – Around World Showcase

Once again, this tip goes for several Disney princesses that are located around World Showcase.  I love seeing the Disney princesses so much that I could not leave any off the list so they are all included here.  Meet Aurora in the French pavilion near the gazebo and shops, Belle is just a short walk way along the French promenade beside the water.  If you are looking to meet Princess Jasmine, drop by Lamps of Wonder in Morocco.  Meet the original Disney princess Snow White, beside the wishing well in Germany. Perhaps one of the coolest and toughest princesses is available to meet guests at The Temple of Heaven in China, that’s right guys- Mulan meets guests in China.


As you can tell, there are many, many opportunities to meet Disney characters when visiting Epcot. The best news is that these are just some of the character meet and greet opportunities at Epcot.  Guests looking to dine with characters can consult guest services or the MyDisneyExperience App to snag a character dining experience in the park.  Reservations are suggested for Character Dining.  Wishing everyone a great Disney vacation and happy character meet hopping!

(Some information from HowtoDisney.com)





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