Places  to Cool Off in Animal Kingdom on Hot Day – Part 3

Places  to Cool Off in Animal Kingdom on Hot Day – Part 3


The rain may be unpredictable in Orlando, but the heat never is. For more than half the year, it’s a guarantee—Walt Disney World is gonna be HOT! But don’t let the heat stop your fun. With some creative planning and forward thinking, you can make an itinerary for Animal Kingdom that keeps your family the coolest they possibly can be. Work these ten places into your Animal Kingdom plan sporadically in order to optimize their cool-down potential.

It’s Tough to Be a Bug

Inside the Tree of Life, you’ll find the It’s Tough to Be a Bug show. Now, fair warning: you either love this one or you’re scared out of your mind (because of the 4D bug effects). But either way, the interior waiting area and the dark, cool theater are certain to cool you off.

It's Tough to Be a Bug

Splash Fountains of Asia

Next to the restrooms by Asia’s jungle trek is a small area of bubbling fountains that you’ll often find kids splashing in. Or rather, SOAKING in. And who can blame them? On a smokin’ hot humid day, this tiny splash pad is a nice way to cool down, even if you just take a quick walk through. (Parents—bring a change of clothes, because kids never seem able to take “a quick walk through”, am I right?)

Splash Fountains of Asia

Kali River Rapids

And finally, the absolute best way to cool off in Animal Kingdom is undoubtedly Kali River Rapids, the splashiest ride in all of Walt Disney World. As they say, before you board the giant, circular raft, “You WILL get wet, you MAY get soaked!” But no matter your level of luck when it comes to being pummeled by the water, you’ll definitely leave feeling cooled to your core (and full of excitement!).  This attraction is so much fun — you never know how the raft will turn and you could get soaked!!  That’s what makes it fun!

Kali River Rapids

Animal Kingdom does get hot, but with these ten spots in mind, you can manage even the hottest day.  One great thing about Florida, it does tend to rain almost every day.  Usually just a short shower in the afternoon but it’s just enough to cool the afternoon (and you)  off.   Also, remember to rehydrate often. Counter service restaurants will always give you a free cup of ice water to refill your water bottles, so don’t let them get dry! Bottled water is also available for sale at carts and quick service restaurants.  Stay cool on those hot summer days, Disney Fanatics!

Enjoy your summer vacation at Disney!!





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