Places to Cool Off in Animal Kingdom on Hot Day – Part 2

Places  to Cool Off in Animal Kingdom on Hot Day – Part 2


The rain may be unpredictable in Orlando, but the heat never is. For more than half the year, it’s a guarantee—Walt Disney World is gonna be HOT! But don’t let the heat stop your fun. With some creative planning and forward thinking, you can make a schedule for Animal Kingdom that keeps your family the coolest they possibly can be. Work these fun places into your Animal Kingdom plan so you and your family can take advantage of  their cool-down potential.

Ice Cream Carts

Ice cream is a great way to cool down from the inside out, and Disney makes sure that you don’t have to travel far before encountering a cart carrying Mickey Bars, Mickey Sandwiches, and various other treats. We also love the ice cream floats available at Anandapur Ice Cream (the big blue truck) in Asia or the Dole Whip available at Tamu Tamu in Africa.  Mickey bars are my personal favorite with Dole Whip coming in as a close second choice!

Mickey Bar-Castle

Boneyard Playground

Well, your kids may not get any cooler at the Boneyard Playground in Dinoland USA, but believe it or not, you can. The playground is shaded and cooled by giant fans, making it actually quite pleasant for adults that choose to sit and rest while the little ones climb and slide. Also, there’s a small, trickling water feature that you can at least run your arms through to help cool down a little.  Nice design Disney!

Dinoland Boneyard

Finding Nemo the Musical

This giant theater is downright chilly sometimes, especially compared to those steaming hot and humid temperatures outside. And with an almost thirty-minute show, there’s plenty of time to reset your body temperature while watching this creative Nemo retelling.

Finding Nemo the Musical

Animal Kingdom does get hot, but with these ten spots in mind, you can manage even the hottest day.  One great thing about Florida, it does tend to rain almost every day.  Usually just a short shower in the afternoon but it’s just enough to cool the afternoon (and you)  off.   Also, remember to rehydrate often. Counter service restaurants will always give you a free cup of ice water to refill your water bottles, so don’t let them get dry! Bottled water is also available for sale at carts and quick service restaurants.  Stay cool on those hot summer days, Disney Fanatics!

Have a great summer vacation at the parks in Disney World!

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