Cast Members You Should Tip at Disney World – Part 1

Cast Members You Should Tip at Disney World – Part 1


Many people ask, “When is it appropriate to tip someone?”  Tipping can be a touchy subject at Disney World.  Because Disney World is an international destination, it’s important to note that different cultures have different “rules” for tipping.  In the United States, it is customary to tip anyone who serves you.  The amount depends on the situation, but standard tipping is 15-20% of the total bill.  Here is a suggested list of who you should tip on your Disney vacation.

Baggage handlers

As you begin and end your trip, several people are likely to handle your luggage.  My family and I sometimes park offsite at our local airport and take a parking service van over to the airport terminals.  If the driver loads/unloads your bags, consider tipping $1-2 per bag.  If you use curbside baggage drop-off at your airport, double that.  If you fly into Orlando International, you may use Disney’s Magical Express.  In most cases, Disney handles your luggage behind the scenes and gratuity is included, even if you’re present when it’s delivered.  If you choose to retrieve your own luggage and take it aboard Magical Express, tip the driver for loading and unloading it.  Same thing on the return.  If a CastMember assists you with your bags at your hotel, tip them. Usually once you arrive at a Disney resort, a cast member with Bell Services may bring your luggage to your room.  We always tip $1-$2 per bag.

Disney Resort Bellhop


As noted above, most guests flying into the Orlando airport use Magical Express if the guest is staying on Disney grounds.  You can tip your driver if you wish, but it’s not necessary.  This is supposed to be a “free” service to onsite guests.  The bus service, Magical Express, is operated by Mears Transportation (an Orlando transportation company).  Most of these drivers do accept and appreciate tips.  If you take a town car, shuttle, taxi or Uber, tip 15-20% each way.  These services are independant contractors.

Magical Express

Grocery delivery

Over the last few years, several grocery delivery services have popped up around Disney World.  If you are staying more than a few days, this can be very helpful.  All Disney hotel rooms have a small refrigerator.  The Vacation Club resorts have full kitchens or kitchenetts.  Be sure to tip anyone who handles your groceries, including those who may temporarily store your groceries and those who deliver to your room.  Some of the grocers allow you to tip online when you place your order.


In some cases, Disney Cast Members have been trained to refuse tips.  If that happens, offer up a hearty “Thank You!”  *Bonus tip: You can go to Guest Services and fill out a small form recognizing outstanding CastMember service.  Be sure to get their name!

Stay tuned for more tips on “who to tip” in Part 2 of this series!

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