Happily Ever After – Part 3

 Disney Happily Ever After 6

What You’ll Love About Magic Kingdom’s Happily Ever After Show & Fireworks – Part 3

Disney’s “Happily Ever After” fireworks show is an 18-minute spectacle that features moments from classic Disney films such as The Little Mermaid, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Brave and Aladdin to modern blockbusters Moana and Zootopia. Cinderella’s Castle becomes part of the story itself, with dazzling projections bringing favorite Disney stories to life on and around the 18-story-tall castle.  While some die-hard Walt Disney World fans were sad to see the “Wishes” fireworks display leave, the new show had Disney fans filled with anticipation about the new nighttime entertainment that would replace Wishes.

Here are some more reasons to love “Happily Ever After”!!!

Environmentally Friendly

Not only is nighttime projection beautiful, it also may be better for the environment. While there is no proof that fireworks are actually bad for the environment, this nighttime show is a step in the right direction if theme parks are looking to reduce the size of their fireworks shows. Fireworks are still a part of the new show but reducing the number of fireworks and length of time they are used in the projection show is likely cheaper for the company and easier for Disney cast members.

Happily Ever After

Great for Smaller Kids

Again, there are still occasion fireworks used in the Happily Ever After show.  However, the reduced number of fireworks used may generally mean happier little kids in the parks.  Most Walt Disney World veterans have seen small kids terrified by fireworks burying their face in their parent during the show or crying hysterically.  Seeing favorite characters projected larger than life on the castle walls is likely much more fun than being startled by the fireworks.

Happily Ever After

Hub Grass Approved

The only thing that makes this awesome nighttime celebration any better is viewing it from the hub grass (the artifical grassy area in front of castle) with a snack in hand. Arrive for the show early to get a comfy spot on the grassy area in front of the castle, snag a snack from the Confectionary or a hot dog from Casey’s Corner and prepare to be amazed.

Nighttime Entertainment Updated

Happily Ever After is the magical something that Magic Kingdom’s evening schedule needed.  There are some classic Disney fans that didn’t want to see the former Wishes fireworks display leave the park.  Still, the new show is a crowd pleaser that is bringing guests back to the park at the end of the day to check out the new show.

Happily Ever After

I personally thought that Disney’s previous fireworks show “Wishes” would be hard to replace.  I quickly changed my mind after viewing “Happily Ever After”.  This show should not be missed on your next trip to Disney World.  I have watched the show several times now and it is truly magical.

Stay tuned for more about Disney in another installment!

(Some information from HowtoDisney.com)


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