Happily Ever After Show & Fireworks – Part 1

What You’ll Love About Magic Kingdom’s Happily Ever After Show & Fireworks – Part 1

Disney Happily Ever After 6

One of the newest additions to The Magic Kingdom in 2017 was The Happily Ever After castle projection show and fireworks.  While some die-hard Walt Disney World fans were sad to see the Wishes fireworks display leave, the new show had Disney fans filled with anticipation about the new nighttime entertainment that would replace Wishes.

Having seen the new show several times, I am happy to report that it is nothing short of amazing.

Nineties Disney Babies Rejoice

If you grew up singing along to music from Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King and The Hunchback of Notre Dame this show is perfect.  The show really focuses on more recent Disney films and shows relatively few clips of classic Disney films like Peter Pan, Pinocchio, and Snow White. Depending on your preference in films you may or may not love this change.

Pixar Fans

If you are a Pixar maniac you will be excited to learn that Pixar films get their fair share of screen time in this new show.  Clips from Finding Nemo, Toy Story and Brave are all included in this awesome show.

Precise and Beautiful

Technology has come a long way and the precision and expertise of the Disney Imagineers are on display every night as guests marvel at the technology that brings the show to life. The projection technology is incredible and I have watched the show several times.  

Stay tuned for more about Happily Ever After in Part 2 of this series!

(some information obtained from HowToDisney.com)



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