Former Disney World cast members share Guest’s Interactions – Part 1

Former Disney World cast members share Guest’s Interactions – Part 1

  • Walt Disney World employees, also known as cast members, are trained in the art of creating a positive experience for guests.
  • But some visitors to the famed Orlando park don’t make things easy for the people who work there.
  • Business Insider spoke with eight former Disney World cast members to get an idea of the most annoying guest behaviors.

Walt Disney World cast members interact with a ton of guests every year — as many as 20.4 million people visited the park in 2016.

But for employees, also known as cast members, not every interaction with a guest is going to be positive and seamless.

A former cast member who worked in the Magic Kingdom, told Business Insider that most guests were perfectly nice to cast members. “But at the same time, a lot of people can be really testy,” according to this particular cast member.

“People have just spent this much money to have this wonderful vacation and come to Florida, and then all of a sudden they get to the park and they realize ‘Whoa, my family and I maybe have to stand in line for 20 minutes,’ or ‘It’s raining, and now the ride’s closed down,'” And there is this, “A water’s $3, so they get thirsty and they say, ‘I just spent four grand on a hotel — how is the water $3?'”

Business Insider recently spoke to eight former cast members who participated in the Disney College Program at Disney World. Here are the annoying guest behaviors they said they wished would stop.

Getting mad while waiting in line

At Disney World, the lines can get long, and heat and boredom can cause tempers to flare.

But one former cast member who operated rides like The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and The Mad Tea Party, told Business Insider that now that she had worked at the park, she’d “never get upset at a merge point, when a cast member lets all of the FastPass line go and not standby.”

“There’s a certain expectation in terms of how that is done — and knowing that, I am more than willing to be patient with the cast member at merge because I know they’re just doing their job,” she told Business Insider.

Ignoring cast members’ instructions — especially when it comes to safety precautions

“A lot of guests sort of ignored safety-related directions,” a former cast member who wrote “Devin Earns Her Ears: My Secret Walt Disney World Cast Member Diary,”.

This cast member, who worked in Frontierland, said she often helped with crowd control during park parades. She said she felt uncomfortable when she had to ask guests to move to a better location and often got attitude in response.

Employees sometimes encounter guests who are reluctant to comply with requests like moving strollers to the side to avoid blocking foot traffic.

“We don’t tell people what to do just for the sake of doing it,”. “Disney is very devoted to safety and making sure that guests are happy and in a safe zone. We don’t do it for fun — it’s so everyone can enjoy the park and the parades in a safe manner.”

Debating height requirements for rides

“You’ll have guests try to argue about the height requirement when they’re at the front of the line,” another former Disney cast member, told Business Insider. “You’ll have guests who try to stuff their kids’ shoes.”

This employee worked at the Epcot attraction The Sum of All Thrills, which allowed guests to design a simulated roller-coaster experience.

The ride had two height requirements: You had to be 48 inches tall to ride and 54 inches tall to use the feature that would flip the attraction upside down.

As a result, she often encountered people who’d try to persuade cast members to look the other way when it came to height requirements.

“I once had a family tell me that they had come all the way from Brazil just so their 3-year-old could ride that ride,” she said, “which I kind of doubted.”

Fortunately, Disney World’s website allows you to check which rides have height requirementsbefore you waste your time waiting in line and bugging cast members.

Stay tuned for more information in Part 2 of this series.

(Information from Business Insider)



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