New Menu Items at Various Dining Locations in Epcot – Part 2

New Menu Items at Various Dining Locations in Epcot – Part 2


The Refreshment Port near the Canada pavilion has two new offerings on their menu. First is a Traditional Poutine with hot French fries topped with beef gravy and cheese curds. A Signature Poutine offers French fries topped with Canadian cheddar-bacon sauce and cheese curds.


Liberty Inn in the American Adventure Pavilion has added Fried Shrimp and a Fried Chicken Sandwich with lettuce, pimento cheese, and smoked bacon to their menu.


If you’re in the mood for something on the lighter side, try the new Cobb Salad with warm chicken, green apples, avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers, hard-boiled eggs, blue cheese, and bacon, topped with a sherry vinaigrette pictured at the top of this post. For dessert, there is a brand new Apple Pie Cheesecake and a Marshmallow Cookie Crunch Cupcake (pictured below).


They all sound awesome!  I wonder if any of them have Weight Watchers approval?  LOL.  Can’t wait to try a few of them, especially the Marshmallow Cookie Crunch Cupcake!
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