Four Character Changes at Walt Disney World

Four Character Changes in Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World

Character meet and greets are a big part of what makes a trip to Walt Disney World so special, and in recent months Disney has taken it upon themselves to make a number of improvements and changes to each park’s character line-up. While not all of these changes are always popular with guests, Disney is constantly making adjustments to try and make character offerings as diverse as possible while still keeping things running efficiently around the parks.

A trio of characters set to leave Disney’s Animal Kingdom

In order to accommodate some new character offerings set to debut in just a few weeks, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is making some cuts to its character lineup. First up is Baloo and King Louie from The Jungle Book, who currently meet guests in Asia near the back of the park. Unfortunately, it looks like both of these characters will be leaving this week, and will have their final day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom for the foreseeable future on April 14.

And unfortunately it looks like this Jungle Book pair aren’t the only ones leaving Animal Kingdom, as Flik from A Bug’s Life, who currently meets guests in the Discovery Island area of the park will be leaving shortly afterward, and will have his final day of character meet and greets on April 22nd. Though its possible these characters could come back at a later date, for now it is probably safe to assume these changes are permanent.  Disney’s Animal Kingdom is gearing up for a pretty major character event in just over a month…

In this month’s character update, three characters are set to leave Disney’s Animal Kingdom as the park prepares to add more characters to a limited-time event, plus a new Disney Junior face is set to debut soon and a “character” based on the Avatar film series comes to Pandora – The World of Avatar.

More characters announced for Donald’s Dino-Bash

Disney announced the new Donald’s Dino-Bash character experience will bring rare characters LaunchPad McQuack and ScroogeMcDuck to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. However, it was also announced a few days ago that these characters won’t be alone, and will be joined by a lot of familiar faces, including Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, and even Chip & Dale all in new dino-inspired costumes! This limited-time character event is currently slated to kick off on May 25th and will available through the summer. However, if it is popular, we might see this character experience last a bit longer, especially as so many other character experiences have been cut from this park.


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