Hidden Gem Resort Bars of Walt Disney World – Part 1

Hidden Gem Resort Bars of Walt Disney World

Part 1

Walt Disney World has some of the most beautiful and amazingly themed resorts in the world. Each one completely immerses its guests in a different experience. Everyone always has their favorite resort and reasons why they love it there. Maybe you like the pool, the restaurants, or the grounds but just because you have a favorite it shouldn’t stop you from exploring what the others have to offer.

Disney has a unique policy, unlike most other vacation areas you can tour any hotel on property as long as you are a guest in any Walt Disney World resort. You can dine there, shop there, and drink there. Since all of their resorts are so unique, think about taking a break from the crowded parks and exploring other places on property, it can be really fun!

While every resort has their own unique offerings and specialties there are some that have some truly amazing bars.  You should have a great time at all of them. So that being said, on your next trip maybe you should try a resort bar crawl or just hit a few of these stops and see why they have made this list.

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Kimonos at The Swan Hotel

This restaurant by day and karaoke bar by night was voted the best sushi in Orlando by the Orlando Sentinel. The Swan and Dolphin hotels are often overlooked because they aren’t truly Disney owned but are on property. If you are a karaoke fan and love a great sake and cocktail menu than this place is for you. By the end of the night everyone is singing together and you have truly made some great vacation friends.

Art of Animation- The Drop off Pool Bar

There is no doubt that the Drop off Pool is by far one of the best pools on property. It is the first one to offer Disney’s “sound under water” technology.  Yes, you can hear songs and movie quotes while swimming underwater that you cannot hear from above. This bar also has a beautiful view that truly makes you feel like you are swimming alongside your favorite undersea characters. The Drop off makes you feel like you are having a relaxing cocktail while watching Nemo’s story unfold. Soak up the sun, have a Pina Colava, and enjoy your afternoon.

Polynesian Village Resort- Tambu Lounge

This bar and lounge is located so closely outside of O’Hana that it almost looks like it’s their waiting area. This bar has some unique qualities. Some of their bartenders have been there for decades and are property favorites, not only that but they are truly masters of their craft. This bar is extremely relaxing and while you lounge out in a comfy chair enjoying a glowing (literally glowing) drink you have a great view over the lobby of the Polynesian as well as the grounds. Best part of this experience? The only resort Dole Whip stand is just a short flight of stairs away.

Have fun exploring and stay tuned for Part 2.

(Taken from DisDining.com)