Things You Might Have Missed at Epcot Part 5

Things You Might Have Missed at Epcot

Part 5

With both Future World and the World Showcase, it’s easy to see why many guests consider Epcot to be Two parks in One.  With over 1.2 miles to cover around the World Showcase alone, it’s easy to miss some of the hidden gems in the park, especially if they’re a little further from the path.  If you’re looking to get the full experience, make sure you add these overlooked items at Epcot to your must-do list.

Flavors of Club Cool – Future World

Disney Epcot-clubcool

Also in Future World, Club Cool, sponsored by Coca Cola, features Coke products from around the world. Sample as many as you’d like but be forewarned, some of the flavors may surprise you. It’s fun to try all of the products and compare which ones are your favorites with your group.

Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie – World Showcase France

While Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie in the France Pavilion offers soups, salads and sandwiches, it’s the decadent desserts that make it worth stopping in.  From the Napoleons and Parfaits to the Macarons and Éclairs, there is certainly something there to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Don’t worry about counting calories, you are on vacation!

Pick a Pearl – World Showcase Japan

disney epcot japan

In the Japan Pavilion, make sure to visit the Mitsokushi department store where you can pick a pearl by selecting an oyster from a tank and watch as the cast members open it up to reveal the gleaming white gem inside. From there, you can have it mounted in a piece of jewelry or keep it on it’s own. Either way, it makes for a memorable souvenir.

Canadian Gardens – World Showcase Canada

In the Canada Pavilion, while your focus is drawn to the “Hotel du Canada”, in behind are the Canadian Gardens that combine the wonderful landscape of the country into one large garden. With boulders, a waterfall and tons of flowers to see, it can be the perfect escape during the day at the park to relax and enjoy some quiet as you take in the natural beauty.  A great way to get away from the crowds!

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