If You Snooze You May Miss Out At Walt Disney World Part 3

If You Snooze You May Miss Out At Walt Disney World

Part 3

Walt Disney World isn’t necessarily a vacation in the sense many people think about—to make the most of your time you are not going to be able to sleep in and lounge around.  You can do Walt Disney World that way, but if you do you won’t be able to experience as much of what the resort has to offer.  You can sleep when you get home, Disney is for fun!  Make a park plan that gives you some earlier evenings to make up for the early mornings.  Try plan in a break day to enjoy your resort and to refresh and refuel.  Here are some things you may miss if you choose to snooze!!

Opening Shows

Sadly, Disney has eliminated a lot of the opening fanfare that used to accompany the start of the day at each park.  But, a few things still remain, and it is a nice way to kick off your day in that park. But if you sleep in you will miss it!  At Magic Kingdom you can enter Main Street and shop or grab some breakfast or Starbucks (a great photo op time) and there is a show on the Castle Stage.  At Hollywood Studios you will often encounter the Streetmosphere Characters out in full force as the park opens.  At Animal Kingdom they have a beautiful experience with some of the birds at the park to open up that really sets the mood for your experience that day.

Lower Crowds

The main reason for recommending that you get up early, resist the temptation to hit the snooze button:  Lower Crowds.  However, while on vacation, not everyone is willing to get up early — so the best way to guarantee yourself some lower crowd park touring time is to get up early and get to the park before it opens.  Line up for “rope drop” so that you are one of the first people in the park.  Even at the most crowded times of year, first thing in the morning is going to be the least crowded time of the day in any of the parks.   If you are one of the first in the park and plan your first 2 hours or so going from attraction to attraction while the standby wait times are low and haven’t had time to get backed up—you will be surprised at how much you are able to accomplish before lunch.  You can rest and relax in the afternoon when everyone else is just arriving or just getting to their 2nd or 3rd attraction because they arrived too late to take advantage of the shorter lines.

For the readers who have vacationed at Walt Disney World do you like to get up and take advantage of the early mornings?  Or do you choose to hit the snooze button and sleep in? From personal experience, my family and I usually opt to get up early.  We do sleep in one day and depending the length of vacation time, take one day to enjoy our resort.

(Partially taken from DisDining.com)