Cool Information About Pirates Of The Caribbean

Part 3

Name That Tune

Chances are most guests leave Pirates of the Caribbean humming the theme song, “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life for Me)”. The lyrics for the now famous tune were written by Francis Xavier Atencio (who also wrote not only the initial script for the attraction, but the script and main song lyrics for the Haunted Mansion ride), while the music was composed by George Bruns, who has written music for many Disney movies. Yo Ho!!

Disney Yo Ho

Updating a Classic

The ride was recently updated on several fronts to give it a bit of a facelift. Characters have been given new, more colorful costumes (and Barbosa’s character is now wearing his outfit from the most recent movie).  Lighting has also been updated to help make the characters pop against their background, and make them easier to see. The animatronics have also been renovated to help them move more naturally and smoothly. Though the figures and scenes themselves haven’t changed, the updated animatronics will make guests feel like they’re seeing a brand new ride!

Disney - Captain Barbossa

Rum and Smoke

Another of the updates to the attraction involves smells on the ride. A guest favorite has long been the musty, dank smell of the water on Pirates of the Caribbean. While this scent can still be noticed in the ride queue, it’s been removed from the ride itself. The good news? It’s been replaced by other, even better, smells, including rum and burning odors.

Disney pirates-of-the-caribbean

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