Chocolate Treats at Walt Disney World (Part 1)

Favorite Chocolate Treats at Walt Disney World

(Part 1)

Disney Chocolate treats


Chocolate can make anyone’s day a little bit brighter. It is decadent, indulgent, and delicious at the same time. Fortunately, this is something that is well understood by Disney, and there is plenty of chocolate to be found. Here are ten of our favorite chocolate treats that you’ll be able to try while at Walt Disney World. Some are mostly chocolate, while with others the chocolate enhances the flavor.

Disney Mickey bar

1. Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars


The Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar might be the most iconic treat at Walt Disney World. It is as cute as it is tasty. The idea is simple, vanilla ice cream in the shape of the mouse who started it all is covered with chocolate and served on a stick. It is a must-have treat for many families while at Walt Disney World. Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars are affordable, at least compared to other snacks. You also don’t have to go far to find one. They are sold at many counter service restaurants, in stores, and at kiosks. On a hot day a portable stand might suddenly appear near a popular ride if there’s a long line. Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars may not be the most decadent chocolate treat at Walt Disney World, but they are certainly one of the most popular.

2. Anything

The Ganachery, The Landing, Disney Springs

There are no wrong choices at The Ganachery. You’ll be drawn in by the smell alone. You can watch as chocolate is being made, and if you have any questions, ask a chocolatier. Flavors range from familiar such as vanilla to more exotic like chipotle pepper. You can buy individual pieces, or have a box put together for you. There are other choices as well. Your first visit to The Ganachery will not be your last.

3. Chocolate Covered _____

Multiple Locations Throughout Walt Disney World

So many things taste better when they’re covered with chocolate! At Walt Disney World they realize that, which is why there are so many choices. You can find chocolate covered strawberries, frozen chocolate covered bananas, chocolate covered marshmallows, chocolate covered crisp rice treats and more. If you can’t find something specific already covered in chocolate, head to Goofy’s Candy Company at Disney Springs. You’ll choose what you want covered in chocolate, what type of chocolate you want it dipped in, a topping, and a drizzle. You’ll end up with a unique treat that will make the chocolate lover inside of you very happy.

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Chocolate and dessert lovers, enjoy!!!  If you are at Disney to vacation, indulge in a couple of these treats.  You can go back to healthy eating when you are back at home!