More Facts about Pirates of the Caribbean in the Magic Kingdom

Some More Facts about Pirates of the Caribbean in the Magic Kingdom

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6. Big Drop

At the beginning of the ride, guests experience one big drop. This wasn’t done to add a thrill to the ride, although it does have that effect. The drop is there because Disney needed to move guests below the train tracks above. The drop couldn’t be any bigger though because of the high water table in that particular spot.

7. Familiar Voice

When you float past the auction scene, pay close attention to the voice of the Auctioneer. The voice actor is Paul Frees, who is also the Ghost Host at The Haunted Mansion.

8. Coat of Arms

Animator, Imagineer and one of Disney’s Nine Old Men, Marc Davis was responsible for drawing such characters as Tinker Bell, Cinderella, Snow White, and Maleficent. But he didn’t only contribute to Disney films, but also to attractions, such as Pirates of the Caribbean. He is responsible for many of the sight gags throughout the ride. There’s even a few references to Davis throughout the attraction, most notably the coat of arms in the Treasure Room. The coat of arms reads ‘Marco Daviso’, and it is the coat of arms of Davis’ family.

Disney pirates-of-the-caribbean bird

9. The Barker Bird

Some of you may remember the barker bird that was outside of the attraction. In 2006, the bird and the original attraction sign were taken away and replaced with the attraction name on a black sail and a skeleton up in the crow’s nest. The barker bird was an Audio-Animatronic green parrot wearing a hat with a skull and crossbones on it, and an eye patch. The barker bird is still out there though, he can be found in the Pirates section at The World of Disney in Disney Springs.

10. Chase Scenes

When Pirates of the Caribbean opened there were a couple of scenes where the pirates were chasing women, and the women could be heard giggling. As the years went on, this didn’t seem to fit with what was considered politically correct and the image Disney wanted to present, so they changed the scene. The scenes have changed a few times over the years, but now the women chase the men, and the men hold items of food, making the food the object they desire. The giggling sounds have also been removed.

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