More Tips for Saving Time at Walt Disney World

Tips for Saving Time at Walt Disney World (Tips 6 through 10)


6. Use or Avoid Extra Magic Hours

Extra Magic Hours allow guests who are staying at Walt Disney World Resort hotels to either enter a select park early or stay late each day. If you’re staying on property, take advantage of Extra Magic Hours! You’ll be surprised by how much you can do when a park is less crowded. If you’re staying off property, you might want to avoid the park that has Extra Magic Hours, especially if it is an hour in the morning. The park will already be filled with resort guests, and the lines could be longer by the time it opens to the general public.

7. Eat at Off Hours

Speaking of taking care of your hunger, you can also save time at counter service restaurants if you plan your meal at a time that is not a traditional meal time. Lunch at 2:30 will be much less crowded than lunch at 12:30. Use the snacks that you brought in with you to tide you over for a little while if you need to.

8. Bring in Snacks and Drinks

You can waste a lot of time if you need to stand in another line every time that you are hungry or thirsty. There is a way that you can save some of that time. Walt Disney World allows you to bring in snacks and drinks, so do it! You will not only save time since you won’t have to wait in line, you will save money as well. Make sure that your snacks will be able to stand up to the Florida heat. Also, glass jars and bottles are not allowed, unless they contain baby food or perfume.

9. Watch a Later Show

Disney fantasmic

The live shows at Walt Disney World are all amazing and unique. You should plan to see every one of them. A good rule of thumb to follow is that the first show of the day will usually be the most crowded. You will have to arrive extra early if you don’t have a FastPass+. The crowds for most (but not all) shows tend to thin out a little bit as the day goes on. At a later show you’ll usually be able to arrive just a few minutes before it starts and still enjoy a great seat. If you’re not sure what time you should arrive, ask a Cast Member at the show’s entrance for a recommendation.

10. Study the Maps at Home


If you have never been to any of the four Walt Disney World theme parks, you could find them a confusing maze once you arrive. The way to stop that from happening is to study the maps before you leave home. Learn ahead of time how to quickly get from Seven Dwarfs Mine Train to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. The first time you look at a map should not be when you walk through the front gate. Do your best to learn your way around before you leave home, and you’ll save precious time once you are finally inside a park.

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